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LoopSpire streamlines professional development efforts, providing a platform to create strategic, localized, and equitable learning experiences for administrators, teachers, and auxiliary staff.

Career advancement-Aggregated data is made available within the platform only to those who need to know based on reporting structure and permissions.

Take an insightful approach to professional development that aligns with district and campus initiatives and prioritizes the unique needs of staff in all roles. Utilize LoopSpire’s professional development assessments along with progress surveys, customizable feedback modules, and collaboration tools to assess PD needs, track progress, and make adjustments as necessary. Maximize the return on every development dollar by using LoopSpire to create a supportive and empowering work environment for all staff, leading to higher satisfaction, retention, and student success.

LoopSpire is a professional development platform that focuses on success-driven educators and administrators.
Skills enhancement-Align staff development with specific data. Be confident the training you schedule will meet needs specific to your staff, your students, and your campus goals.

Needs Assessments

Determine specific target areas for development by using LoopSpire’s assessments, or create and customize your own! Involve all stakeholders to get a well-rounded understanding of the needs of the school community.

Real-Time Feedback

Gather in-the-moment insight from those attending training and coaching sessions to get an instant feel for concept mastery and misconceptions. Give follow-up feedback to trainees to help guide them along the path of growth.

Utilize multiple feedback modules to gather actionable insights on the underlying factors affecting all stakeholders, including faculty, students, and parents across campuses.
Training and development-Staff, dept, PLC, RtI, 504, and SPED. Organize your agenda, stay on task, and document every step. Incorporate your existing programs or use LoopSpire's, all in order to maximize the effectiveness of your time.

Progress Tracking

Consolodate all coaching and training data by organization, role, and individual to track progress throught your PD initiatives. Respond to trend data to make adjustments as needed and ensure long-term success. 

Interactive Disaggregation

Feedback and coaching data is instantly available to those who need to know based on reporting structure and permissions. Quickly disaggregate all data interactively using the LoopSpire’s custom visualizations.

People & Analytics-Quickly access the data that matters most to you in your role, while digging deeper with filterable reports to get the insight required to make informed decisions.

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